Thursday, May 13, 2010

Color Swatches

I woke up the other morning and decided it was time for a color change.

The color of our walls was not at all the color that was on the swatch. After our room was painted, I knew it was not what I was going for. However, I have lived with it until now.

Me and the Kiddos headed to the Home Depot and picked out the PERFECT COLOR. Little did I know I would be making that same trip four times... picking out the perfect color.

I am so glad that I had my interior decorator help me...

Who knew finding the perfect color would be so difficult?!?!

I was feeling a little like this...

I painted on every wall, in ever light, and still... I found I did not like these "perfect colors"

The walls were a BIG MESS. And you know messes make me CRAZY.

So Guess who got to clean up the mess...

Poor Guy.
Now I know why he ask, "What are you guys going to get into today?"

I think he wants to be forewarned! It does seem that we get into things that perhaps we shouldn't. I am thinking he might send me back to work just so he knows what I am up too.

When the cats away... the mice will play :)



Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

allen would have my head. props to your hubby for his understanding and gracious heart! :)

joven said...

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