Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog Worthy

Today Jack had his preschool music program at church. Now he has had one of these before, but he just sat there while everyone else performed. That was not the case today, he sang louder than all the other kids and did all of the hand motions!!!! It was so cute and I was so proud of him. It was particularly funny because all the other kids were sitting, doing nothing. I am loving watching his personality blossom... although me and that personality go head-to-head sometimes.
Later today when Jack was in time-out....for the fifteenth time... he fell asleep! He was in the corner and when we told him he was free to come out, we got no response. We laughed so hard because he was OUT and his head kept bobbing and we were sure he was going to tip over. Needless to say we got some awesome video of it.
Well better go and get ready for small group... have I mentioned I love our Sunday night marriage small group?!!!


Jaime said...

that's hilarious that jack fell asleep during time-out. we have never had that happen!! so funny!

Tiffany said...

Jack is starting to look like Jason to me. He's getting so big...I love that he fell asleep during time out. How long did that take?

Jan O'Donnell said...
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Jan O'Donnell said...

BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART!!!! LOL!!! That is to funny. I bet you and Brendan were cracking up. I just love little children...they bring so much laughter and joy. They truly are a gift from the Lord!! Hope all is well!!!