Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ahhh the questions

OK, so there are a couple of questions that I get asked on a regular basis, so I figured what better place to answer them than on my blog.

1. Are are you through having kids??? Hmmm... I wish I knew the answer to this one. Some days I could say - are you freakin crazy??? I can hardly juggle what I've got, and sleep has become an all but distant memory. However, other days, I look at my boys and think... give up the chance at doing this again - NO WAY. It is hard for me to think that I might not ever experience bringing new life into the world again. To be honest... all of my life experiences have paled in comparison to the moments Jack and Collins were born. I do understand that does not justify having another child. So I guess we will see. I know my heart has room for more, I just don't know if my mental and physical health do! And of course there is Brendan... whom I think would be content with being finished.

2. Do you miss being a nurse? Some days.I did enjoy working and I worked hard to learn what I did. And I was good, real good at what I did. However, my schooling, my job, my paycheck.. It all has little value to those boys lying sweetly in their beds right now. I just couldn't possibly go back to work and leave them. In the whole scope of eternity all that stuff doesn't matter as much as raising them. Don't get me wrong, I do have my days, actually I just had one recently. Believe me when I say... the burn unit has nothing on this place! Maybe one day, If Brendan's schedule allowed for him to be home when I am gone to work. I do miss the adrenalin rush... I would have to go back to the ED or doctors office for me...taking a Blood pressure and replacing the tissue on the table would not cut it!
True story... On my second date with Brendan I told him that when I have kids I've got to stay home with them. I told him if that wasn't going to be ok with him than I wasn't the one for him. He looked at me like I was CRAZY.... but he promised then, that if by some wild chance we were to work out... I could stay home. I will have to say he has kept his word. Since then, God has poured out so many blessings on us, that we know we are making the right decision. Next...

3. Are you getting any sleep yet. Umm...NO. I am however going too Sunday night!!! Brendan got me a room at Ross Bridge for the evening. I have every intention on laying out in my swim suit that doesn't fit, getting burned from my lack of sun screen, ordering poolside and room service ( I am pretty sure he put it on his buisness credit card =), and sleeping LATE.. you know.. till like 8... sure bets 4:30!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I'll be sure to blog about it!!!

Ok, well I'm tired, hope this gives anybody who cares clarity.


Jaime said...

I hope you have lots of fun on your little trip by yourself and that you get a great night's sleep!! I'm happy for you. You deserve it!

Rachael said...

I LOVE that you get to go spend some time alone at Ross Bridge...what a sweet thing for your hubby to do for you. Have sooo much fun!