Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Small Group

Hey everybody I wanted to invite all of you ( Highlanders or not ) to join our small group! Me and Brendan have decided to lead a crown financial group. The great thing about Crown is that it is applicable for people who have much, or nothing. We were going to do Dave Ramsey, but its really specific to people in major debt and its costly. We wanted everyone to be able to get something out of it. Crown Financial focuses on Biblical principles that pave the way to financial freedom. Its a great tool for getting on the right track or learning what God has to say about it ( Did you know money is mention more in the Bible than any other topic?? ). We figure if its important to God than it should be important to us. It will be Tuesday Nights @ 6:15, Dinner will be served. Sorry, but no childcare, however nursing babies always welcomed! So come!!!! Even if you just want a good meal and want to be nosy and see what kind of financial shape the Fullers are in =) !!!

For more info check out the small group directory coming soon!

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