Sunday, January 11, 2009

Exciting Times!!!

Well, the big news of the week is... I am going to be an Aunt on Tuesday ( if not sooner )!!!! Jason and Melissa are going in on Tuesday for an induction of their baby girl, Callie. I am so excited - I cannot wait to get my hands on her!!! Other than the birth of my own children this is the most exciting day of my life! Jack and Collins are going to be so blessed as well to have another person to share life with. I can't wait to see Jason in the role of Father. I know he will do a great job because he treats my boys like they are his own and he is SOOO good to them! I will update with pics and info as soon as she gets here!

Other than that we are just getting back in the swing of life. Jack is back in preschool and loving it. Poor Collins has been sick with just about everything - big brother seems to be sharing all of his germs. We have been in and out of the Dr's all week ( good thing I love my Dr.). Hopefully, we have turned a corner now and we are on track for wellness.

Here are a few pics - can I tell you how hard it is to get a good pic of a two year old and newborn at the same time!!!

Couldn't you just squeeze him!!!
Matching... of course.
Enough with the pictures, mom!!
Not so happy lil' brother!


Kait said...

Oh, that is so exciting for Jason and Melissa. I can't wait to see her. You will be an awesome aunt! Congratulations to all of you!

Jaime said...

Congrats Auntie! Your kids are so cute...I love the matching jammies!

Lauren said...

What cute boys! I can totally relate to trying to get a good picture of 2 little boys together. It's nearly impossible!