Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To Florence we go!

Well after a rough day and a plea to get away Brendan made us reservations for the weekend at the Marriot Resort and Spa in Florence!!! I am so excited to get away for a break although we are still undecided about taking Jack. What is our problem????? Why do we still have difficulties leaving him?? No one else seems to have this problem - we must be nuts=). Anyways, as you have probably noticed we seem to slip away to Florence often... why you ask? Well, I went to school there and had an absolutely awesome college experience. I love the area, the food, and everything else. I love the resort mostly for the awesome room service - I do like to be pampered on occasion! Everyone I take up there falls in love with it too - Brendan included! So hopefully I will come back refreshed and rejuvinated!


Shea said...

So fun!! Have a wonderful time! I hope you can part with Jack, too, by the way. I'm sure it would be a nice break for you before you have 2 to chase around!

Brandi said...

I did not know you went to school in Florence. That is where I grew up. Most of my family is still there too. HC and I will be there next week hanging with Nana (my Mom). Have fun. It is a beautiful resort.

Jaime said...

i'm so jealous! we (or I) have the same problem too with leaving the kids behind. either way, i hope you guys have a lot of fun.