Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Fun

Well we had a wonderful time on our weekend away!! You would be so proud of us because we left Jack with Paw Paw!!! Jack had more fun playing at the farm with tractors and cows and everything else that comes along with farm life - not to mention he was treated like royalty. We had a great time laying out by the pool, shopping, eating, and room service!!!! I wish I had pictures- but I don't. We have been busy since we got back - the pool, mcwane center, and the zoo - not to mention lots of play dates!
Here are a few pictures from the zoo.
And Oh ya...only 9 weeks till Collins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hear Jack ROAR
Jack and Brendan on the tractor
Jack watching out for animals on the loose
He LOVED the train

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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

he's so cute! i loved seeing you guys this week!