Sunday, August 3, 2008


Jack painting his truck
Jack painting
Jack loves to sit on the toilet... if only he could figure out what to do while on there!
Jack potty
Introducing the "big boy room"
Jack room2
Jack room3
Sweet baby Collins' room
Collins room
Collins room2


Jaime said...

i love the new rooms! Jack's bunk beds are very cool.

Jan O'Donnell said...

You did a great job on the boys rooms. HGTV will be calling soon. Jack is soooo.... cute. I am glad he liked his Micky!!!

Kait said...

Court, the rooms look AWESOME!! You did such a great job. I LOVE the verse above Collins bed. SO SWEET!

Brandi said...

Very cute! Jackson has the coolest little boys room.

Shea said...

Again, it looks amazing! And, you hung Collins name great! Love it, love it!

Lauren said...

Cute rooms! You're house looks great!

Anonymous said...

LOVE jack's big boy room! Good move! We did that with Marisa a few weeks before baby. Worked well!

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

LOVE the beds!