Tuesday, February 26, 2008


OK, this past fall me and Brendan went on the church marriage retreat - which was awesome! During the retreat we were challenged to do devotions and pray together daily. So we got an accountability partner and we started a comittment not to miss a night. Here lately I have noticed that our nightly praying together has gotten REALLY long. It seems like everybody we know has a real need, a prayer request that desperately needs to be answered. So many of those we know have a major health concern and so many of those we love need Christ in their lives. Today, however, two special needs have come up that we ask your prayers for. My pop had to have bypass surgery on his leg today and Brendan's dad is having a heart cath tomorrow. We are just praying that God places a sheild of protection around them and a really quick recovery. Thanks for your prayers.


Kait said...

Definitely! We will lift both of them up to our Heavenly Father. We love you guys and had so much fun at the park yesterday!

Kait said...

I meant the zoo, not the park. You know what I mean :-)

Shea said...

I will definitely be praying for them!