Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busy Week

Just thought I would post a few pics and let everybody peek into our past week. Sunday Jack tried on my high heels and I thought every respectable boy needs a picture of that! Monday we all went to music group ( Brendan included ). I love taking him to this group so that he can be with his friends ( and me with mine) but most importantly to instill in him a heart of worship! Tuesday night I left the boys at home and had a night out with the girls. The six of us enjoyed some yummy food at the olive garden and sat around for a while just chating - I have an awesome group of friends! Wednesday, Jason and Melissa came over for our weekly American Idol party. Thanks to Jason and his great idea( and help ) we were able to totally remodel our fireplace with stone.. I'll post pics later. The rest of the week we finished the fireplace project. Today we had my whole family over for a Birthday Party for my Me Me! Whew... its been a busy week!
Jack heels
Jack gardening
Jack with truck
Jack with vest

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Kait said...

Hey, Court! I love your blog! You are doing a great job. I knew you would fit into the blogging world just perfect. The pics of Jack are adorable!