Thursday, February 21, 2008

A new Era

Brendan gotti
As most of you know, Brendan has changed jobs. He left the Sheriffs office 3 weeks ago to join the ABC Board. Unfortunatley the new job requires him to be gone 5 weeks, and that time is quickly approaching. He will be leaving next Thursday. Suprisingly, so far I am handling this very well - granted he hasn't left yet and he has been home the last few weeks. I know that this job is going to give him more safety and stability. Most of all it will allow him to go to church every Sunday - which is the most important thing for him! Please pray for us that this time goes quickly and a sheild of protection around him.


Mom/Ginger said...

Dear Brendan, Courtney & Jackson,

Just want to let you know that I love the blog. Also, Brendan just to let you know that your Dad & I have already been saying prayers to give you the strength for your upcoming new adventure and for the time you will be away from home. At least you will be home on the weekends. Courtney, you and Jack are also included in our prayers to give you the strength to endure the time that Brendan is away. Hopefully the time will pass quicker than you realize.

Courtney, my offers still stands to babysit Jack so you can go shopping or out to dinner or whatever. Just give me a call and I can put it on my calendar.

As always, I love the pictures!!!

I am going to enjoy this blog. Thanks a million!!!


Shea said...

So glad you are blogging now! I love looking at pictures and keeping up with what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world! It's great to keep up this way! Jack is getting so BIG!
Talk soon,
Janna and Beau

Nicole said...

I love the blog as well! It is a very neat way to keep everyone updated on what all is going on with you guys! Give Jack a hug for Cooper and I and we will see you soon! Cooper told me to tell you and Jack that we are free on Friday afternoons, if you wanted to have a day at the park while BB is gone. Just let us know!