Monday, May 23, 2011


Jack turned 5!!!


I am very late in making this post. But thats what happens when a tornado wipes out your WiFi!

I don't even know where to start. Seriously, his birthday came in the middle of chaos, and in true Jack fashion he just rolled with it. That's one of many reasons I am so inspired by this boy! The cake that we had so carefully planned, never happened. The little birthday details and the school party... none of that happened either. But on the night of his birthday we ran out and got a cake and pretended that there was candles on it...


He blew as if there were 5 candles perched atop that cake... I'm certain his wish will come true :)

He is the first child, he has taught us how to parent. He reminds us that most parenting issues can be solved with patience.

He is quite simply a gift that we are honored to open everyday...


Something else that comes with turning 5 : Preschool graduation.

He has had more fun in Preschool! Funny thing is, we started preschool for him to get a chance to get out of the house and give me a break. Well, its been so much more than that! He has learned to write his name, all the letters and numbers, and most of all he has gained friends! I have seen him grow so much in his leadership abilities as well. He has done nothing short of make us proud.



He's come along way since his first day...


So now we are on to new things!!


We went to kindergarten orientation and were just completely blown away at how fun and sweet is was. After touring EVERY school in town, we were covered in peace about our decision about sending him to Cahaba Heights Elementary. It was everything we prayed about and more.

I am so excited for him! We've just decided to embrace these milestones as they come and not grieve them or stop them from happening.

He is growing up and I am excited with him!! I just can't wait to see the person God develops him to be.


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Shea said...

He looks so grown in his graduation cap! Happy Birthday, Jack! We need to get together and play soon!