Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sparks of Change

By far my favorite thing about my home is the fireplace. It is one of the huge benefits of a 1950's home :)

Our fireplace has seen lots of love through the years. We literally burn around the clock in the winter and all that burning has caused the bricks to become weak, so Bren had to re-brick the inside. I figured since the inside got a face lift so should the outside :)

This is what things looked like a couple of days ago...


This is what things look like tonight...


I got a great idea from this blog and decided to breakout my tools and get to work.


It literally took an hour! Bren cut and nailed, and I roughly painted and added the hinges.


So whatcha think? Doesn't it add to the mantel a whole lot! So happy to have something fresh to look at :) Oh and that mirror that was above the mantel... don't be sad for it, it's getting a makeover too!

One last thing : The painting I was working on in the last post was a family tree for Bren's parents. They have received it, so now I can blog about it :)




Lisa said...

The mantle looks AWESOME! I can't wait to see my room when I get back! :) I like the painting too. Very nice.

Jaime said...

Be ready to answer lots of questions and give me all the details on making a barn door when I come see you tomorrow. Love it!

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

looks amazing! great job!

Micah, Kate and Caroline said...

I LOVE your blog! and the new facelift on the fireplace looks great!! Now you've got to check our our blog. micahandkatesalsman.blogspot.com