Monday, July 19, 2010


I found a paint color I liked!!

The wall color was Jamestown Blue. While it is one of Pottery Barns colors of the seasons, it no longer did anything for me. After 6 painting attempts, I finally found the perfect color, Misted Green ( which actually isn't green at all ).

After being inspired by the new color, I decided to tackle the laundry room. Its right off our bedroom and has become the disaster room...

Disaster NO MORE!!!
I later went back and painted the ceiling the color of the bedroom. It looks great :)

I decided these little containers would be the perfect things to hold my detergent...

What were the boys doing while we were busy in our projects???

Getting into trouble of course. They must love timeout!

I also cleaned out the kitchen cabinets. To say they were a complete mess would be an understatement! Now everything has its place. Makes me so happy :)

I am nesting...IN a NON-pregnant kind of way!



Abby said...

hey, i love your blog =) i have been to chuy's twice since reading your post. we love the atmosphere. i am not in the market for dining room furniture right now, but i'll do a shameless plug for my parents.... they build awesome furniture at VERY reasonable prices and their "look" fits your house to a t i think. their website is which i sort of run for them, but they live in altadena if you want to see any of their stuff. they do awesome farm tables =)

Lisa said...

YOU are really getting on my nerves. That is to say: Highlighting my laziness. ps- your stuff looks great.

Plum Wonderful Momma said...

I just want to go home and redecorate my bedroom now! And priceless pic of your boys...hilarious!