Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoo Visit

I made a VERY UNWISE decision to take the boys to the zoo last week. It was Earth Day and admission was half price. I assumed since it was a Thursday and everybody was at work that it wouldn't be too crowded. Well, everybody might have been at work, but everybody's kids were at the zoo! Seriously... every school and daycare in town was there. So it made for a cramped, somewhat miserable experience!
It was a very WHINEY trip. Which pretty much made me crazy! However, for a moment, at the petting zoo, there was a moment of happiness. So I was able to break out the camera and get a few shots... and that made me happy :)

Collins trying to get into the cage... it is most certainly where he belonged!

Jack was very unimpressed with the animals...

I must say the zoo is not my favorite place. It stinks and all the animals look like they are in a coma. The living quarters are entirely to small and I feel as though I am paying to spectate animal cruelty.

These were the sweetest things at the zoo :)



Lisa said...

I have not been to the zoo. Bennett has been twice (with other people- yay!) I am not in a rush to go now. What a sweet picture of them holding hands.

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

the bhm zoo is sad. the animals look pitiful.