Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our birds need Insulin!

I walked in the kitchen the other day to see this...


Brendan and Jack looked up at me and proudly told me that had made a bird feeder! Umm...Sprinkles... I believe birds eat seeds?!

They both were puzzled. I think even Brendan had forgotten that birds eat seeds... not sprinkles.
Jack said, "mommy, they'll like sprinkles better".

So, they went searching for the perfect tree...
And hung it on a limb... a very low limb..

Jack was so excited...

I am thinking maybe we should have hung an Insulin shot beside it... although I did notice the next day the whole cone was gone. I am thinking a dog came by and ate the thing.

I think I will pick up some seeds next time I go to the store! And encourage a higher limb!


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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

that's too funny. my dad and avery always poured seeds along the railing of the deck and then stood at the window to watch them flock. and most of the time, they did! it's still one of her favorite things to do at their house.