Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diaper Talk

OK, So you are probably tired of my diaper post, but I don't care ;) I have come upon a wonderful diaper that I wanted to share with you...
They are my new Bum Genius diapers that I have been trying out a few weeks. All I can say... I am in love. These diapers put even Huggies Supreme to shame. They are so soft, super absorbant, and simple to clean. While I still love GDiapers, these are my new favorites!
They are one size, which means they grow with your baby.
The snaps adjust the size. This is on the smallest setting...
The inside, super soft fleece...

While I do exclusively cloth diaper. I came upon a killer deal on some organic disposables. I got these for $1.50 a pack!
When I pulled them out, they looked super cheaply made...
However, after trying them out, I found they work great!! Really, once again, better than Huggies Supreme.
I am a HUGE believer that organic or cloth diapering is soooo much better. Just google diaper chemicals and you will be shocked at the ingredient list.

Hope this cleared up some diapering questions, for diapering friends ;)


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Jaime said...

Those little Bum Genius diapers are super cute. I may have to re-visit the idea of cloth diapers once Hudson gets out of the newborn stage.