Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In full Swing

Christmas time has arrived at the Fuller home! I would blog about our Thanksgiving, but I didn't pick up my camera during that holiday {GASP}.
This past weekend we completed many of the necessary components of Christmas...
While Collins' was not a fan of santa, Jack was ALL about him! At the last minute he decided that he just simply could not see santa without his sunglasses...whatever. And yes, they made the official photo.
We also picked, placed, and decorated the Christmas Tree... and yes its real! No fake tree here... remember, we go green ;)
Jack also decorated a gingerbread house - ALL BY HIMSELF! ( It collapsed within moments of taking this picture )
And Collins' enjoying all the new stuff he can get into...


Jaime said...

we went by the Summitt today, of course, Santa wasn't there. i guess we'll go back over the weekend or something. anyway, i love the picture with all the boys and the tree and everyone is squinting. so funny!!

Rachel said...

I LOVE Sunglasses and Santa! It Epitomizes an Alabama Christmas! Your tree looks beautiful!