Sunday, February 22, 2009

I have baby fever

Baby fever... I must be crazy!! What crazy person with a 4 month old and no sleep has baby fever???? I am just so crazy in love with Collins ( and Jack of course ). You would be proud of me - I left Collins in the church nursey for the first time today. Of course I left instructions that if he makes even a small wimper to call me out. So they did - church was basically getting out though. So of course I rushed back there to find him fast asleep looking as sweet as ever. They said he cried for a minute before he went to sleep so thats why they called me out... so glad they did. I know I am a little over protective. Whatever gene that God gives parents they enable them to leave their babies for extended periods of time, He did not give me. I am so glad we can afford for me to stay at home with my babies because I think I would just die if I had to leave them everyday!! Speaking of leaving them we have the Marriage Retreat coming up this weekend and I am so excited about it! I am pretty sure everybody and their cousin is coming so I know it will be tons of fun! Of course I am already having anxiety about leaving the boys. Jack is going to Paw Paws and Collins is staying with my mom.
On a funny note... I was told to "Chill Dude" by Jack today. Chill Dude... are you kidding me???? Where did you hear that I asked? Brendan quickly reminded me that he heard that from me. I guess I do tell him that frequently. I had to tell him that he should never tell Mommy to "chill dude".
Well better get to bed.
Oh ya... No need to call mom - My baby fever doesn't mean you are going to have another grand baby any time soon.


Brandi said...

You are hilarious. I'm glad Collins wasn't in nursery with Hannah Claire today. When I picked her up they told me she laughed at all the other kids when they cried. Silly girl! Have fun at the marriage retreat. We talked about going, but we have decided to pass on it this year. Plus a little thing like childcare we don't have lined up.

Jaime said...

Baby Fever?!! Courtney! All those sleepless nights must be messing with your mind. You are crazy! haha. The "chill dude" story was pretty funny. It's funny the things kids pick up that we say and don't even realize we say them. Totally cute!