Sunday, February 6, 2011

Five fingers

So I got these shoes...


Well... Collins isn't the best model :)

I thought ( was told ) that these would make me run so much better, faster, and easier. It's supposedly the "new thing". Well, $100 dollars poorer and I am not so sure. For starters, I look like a nut running in these things. Secondly, It feels like I am running barefoot... which I understand is the purpose, however, its horribly uncomfortable.

These were suppose to make me like an "African runner"... I PROMISE YOU, I look more like a nut than an African runner in these!!

Help!!!! Does anybody have any experience with these FiveFingers???



Danielle said...

Hey Courtney!

I have no personal experience with these "shoes" but so many trainers at my gym wear them! I do NOT see how this can be good for your foot in regards to impact when running. BUT, like I said, no personal experience with them...and I have a foot injury. I'm sure if you wear them more often you will get used to them. :) Maybe try just wearing them around the house to walk in for a bit?? Let me know what happens!

Jeana said...

My daughter-in-law has some but she really hasn't said anything about them it might be because she doesn't want my son who bought them for her to know she doesn't like

Jaime said...

haha!! i saw someone wearing those things in the gym a few weeks ago and had to come home and ask tim what in the heck they were. they look so funny! i would LOOVE to see you trouncing around in them. i'm laughing so hard right now thinking about it!! :) okay, i'll stop. honestly, i have nothing remotely knowledgeable to tell you about running in those things, but i would try not to laugh if I saw you running in them (but i can't promise anything!).