Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The perfect day

Seriously, my idea of the perfect day looks like this...

I got to eat lunch lunch with a great friend from college, then I laid out while the boys played for hours outside.

They packed all their toys to go somewhere...

We literally played till dark!

Collins was complete filth and decided to have bark for dinner...

Sweet Brendan got to pick up after our lovely day...
He didn't mind though ;)
I don't know what we would do without him. He is the best!!

After play, it was a healthy dinner, bath time, and kids asleep by 6:30.

Then I got to go work out and spend the rest of the evening with my hottie ;)

Now that... was a PERFECT DAY!



Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

that IS a good day.

Jaime said...

sounds pretty perfect to me too! esp. the part about kids in bed at 6:30!!

cwallace@prusouth.com said...

A perfect day for me is to pull up your blog and see pictures of my sweet boys!!! Mammie