Thursday, February 18, 2010


So glad this week is coming to an end... it has been full of sickness and I am tired!

I did manage to get my camera out though :)

The boys were playing in Jack's room the other night and I captured the silliness!

The plan is for the boys to share a room as soon as Collins is big enough. Jack tried to talk me into letting Collins spend the night with him, but it quickly became clear that we were not at all ready for that!

They started "horsing" around...
...and bonked heads.

It is going to be fun to see them in the same day!

Excited about this weekend when we head south to help launch Coastline Community Church, excited to get a rare break from the boys! After this week I need a break... another week in which I will not be awarded mother of the year!



Jaime said...

haha! yea, i'm not mother of the year either lately! i think the boys are ready to share a bed... :) haha! wouldn't that be fun for you! and did you get them new sheets? those are sooo cute!! where did you get them?

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