Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I want TEN more!!!

Where do I start??? Things have been going so great. We are home now, we left on Saturday. I cannot say enough about how great St. Vincents was, the service, doctors, nurses.... everything. We got plenty of room service and you know how much I love room service =). They were so wonderful to Collins too! Our little bit weighed 6 lbs 8 oz the day we left, but nursing is going great and I know he is starting to gain. I am having so much fun dressing him in all the little premie boutique outfits! Night times are going pretty good, I surely cannot complain! Jack is being a great big brother. He comes running whenever Collins cries and he loves to watch us change him. He is fascinated with me feeding Collins, and makes sure that everyone knows that Bubba is drinking milk. He hasn't had a bit of Jealousy. The whole processes has been a joy to watch, really. I told Brendan I want ten more the other night, and he didn't argue with me!!!! There is no question both of these boys have a special place in our hearts. On a really sweet note - Right after the delivery while they were recovering me and Collins, Brendan pulled out of his pocket a gorgeous diamond neckless. It has three diamonds on it representing each of our babies. It is so pretty and full of meaning.
Thank all of you so much for thinking about us and praying for us. We enjoyed all the hospital visits and calls. We are especially enjoying the yummy meals that we have started receiving!


Leaving the hospital


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

oh, courtney, he's so cute. i loved getting to spend some time with jack sunday night. sounds like you guys are doing great...so proud of you! and, hey, 10 more kids, just adds to the necklace! :)

Shea said...

So glad things are going so well!

Kait said...

Oh, how precious!! How funny, when I was reading I was thinking the exact same thing that Stephanie said!
I totally think that you could handle 10 more, with ease!! You two are such great parents. What a sweet family you have!!

Jaime said...

awwww! i am so glad you updated your blog...i've been thinking about you guys and wondering how you've been. i'm glad that it's going so well for you. i love the pic of jack and collins...very cute. and collins is soooo tiny. he looked esp. tiny in the picture of him in the carseat. oh, and i want to bring you dinner sometime soon. hopefully we'll talk soon and you can let me know when might work. so happy for you guys!